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QHSE Statement Policy

Our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We operate in compliance with international standards

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It is the company’s policy to:

Execute and provide services that meet the clients’ requirement.

Provide resources to realize these objectives.

Continually evaluate the system to ensure that clients’ requirements are met.

Assign personnel for the execution and verification of contracts.

Select suppliers and sub-contractors who must meet these requirement.

Ensure that all employees of the company execute works and provide services in accordance with the postulated quality statement.

Hold the management directly responsible and accountable for the management of the quality system.

Undertake training and retraining of our workforce to ensure that the objectives and actions are understood and correctly applied.

The quality system referred here is based on the general requirements of the system described in the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

HS&E Policy Statement

J&G Engineering and construction Services Ltd conducts business in a manner that does not harm people or the environment. J&G Engineering is a responsible corporate organization committed to the health and safety of the people and the protection of the environment while execution services in a safe and sustainable manner. We firmly believe this commitment adds value to our customers and employees.

Health, Safety & Environment

HS&E is an integral part of J&G Engineering management systems. Our HS&E policy guides our operations in a way that is safe and without risk to health and the environment. Our operation is tailored to meet our safety commitments through complete integration with the business processes together with our customers.

Our HS&E system ensures a structured approach to safety management and promotes safety awareness across our business, set objectives, reviews progress and facilitates implementation of J&G Engineering and construction Services Ltd safety philosophy and policy.

Our (HS&E) Management System includes:

Providing appropriate resources to implement this policy.

Compliance with applicable legislation, regulations, and relevant industry standards.

Periodic audits and reviews of HS&E systems and performance.

Line management accountability for HS&E matters and the individual contribution of all employees.

Visible management commitment, effective communication and training to ensure environmental protection, and the safety and health of our employees and the community.

Promoting a culture where Stop Work Authority is exercised freely and is valued as a proactive process to control HS&E risks and impacts.

Integration of HS&E considerations, including identifying and controlling risks that impacts our business decisions, plans and operation.


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