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Offshore Marine Support Services

We have years of experience in executing orders and finding the exact products or substitutes for our clients with the best quality and reasonable prices. Our experience and continuous efforts over the years have made J&G Engineering & Construction Services one of the most efficient and reliable companies in the marine support sector.

Moreover, our philosophies of providing the best value for money allows us contribute to the reduction of our customer’s operational expenses. Our company tailors its services to meet the demand. Furthermore, we cater to our customers’ needs round the clock, offering the widest range of high quality products and services. We have the capability to supply everything, from the smallest cargo ship to the largest vessel.

We provide various types of Marine Support used in Oil and Gas sector such as:

Anchor Handling Tug Support Vessels
Divers & Diving Support Vessels
Work Barges
Crew and House Boats
Security Escort & Guard Vessels
Pipe Laying Barges
Shallow Draft Vessels
Platform Supply Vessels ( DP1 & DP2)

Underwater Services

J&G Engineering & Construction is one of the largest underwater maintenance providers in Nigeria. Since inception we have provided high quality underwater services to the Oil & Gas, Marine industry and infrastructures on a regional, national, and on occasion level. we are specialists in afloat and underwater engineering, inspection and repair services. Our team of expert technicians and marine engineers have extensive experience in operational ship management and offer a complete innovative service for marine engineering tasks.

Our Underwater Services include:

Survey & Inspection
Hull & Propeller Cleaning and Polishing
Subsea Engineering & Repairs
Welding Repairs
Painting and Adhesive Application
Specialist Services