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Procurement Services

We provide the Global Procurement & Supply Chain

from sourcing, delivery, to after-sales support.

J&G Engineering and Construction Services Ltd offers an extensive range of commercial, industrial and technical procurement and supply services. We provide industrial machinery equipment, oil drilling and production supplies, industrial electrical & electronic systems, laboratory equipment, office stationeries, personal protection equipment, specialty items, spare parts, as well as manufacturing and operating consumables for the industries that we service. Included in these services are comprehensive support logistics, delivery, installation and training solutions.

Our Procurement team has extensive experience in managing and performing procurement activities for large EPIC contracts. Our partnerships in the areas of Technical Procurement, Engineering & Maintenance Service Agreements with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) allows for speedy implementation of service contract.

We currently have agreements with foreign and local Partners in the supply of products and services in which we are the exclusive agents to the manufacturers. We also have many International Joint Venture (IJV) and Mutual Beneficial partnership with interest in large EPIC procurement contracts.

Our Procurement Services includes:

  • Provision of Unskilled and Skilled Personnel
  • Provision of Qualified Specialist Personnel
  • Provision of Foreign Technical Personnel
  • Human Capacity Development and Training

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