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Construction Services

We are Industry Leader in the Field of Construction

We produce international quality products to support construction related projects.

J&G Engineering and Construction Services Ltd  Utilizes teams of experienced construction specialists, and offers a complete range of capabilities in the field of construction covering all FRP Composites, Infrastructure Protection and Environmental Solutions to a wide range of industries and markets across Nigeria and the West Africa region.

Our international joint venture partners and network of construction resources, extensive experience with local country laws and regulations, as well as our ability to adapt quickly to the new requirements of new locations, all facilitate our Project Management in efficiently and quickly mobilizing construction equipment and construction crews.

J&G’s declared policy of always employing and training local labour to the degree possible is always an added value to each project and to the local economy.

Our Construction Services include:

  • Civil Engineering and Construction
  • Offshore & Onshore Fabrication (Tig. Arc. & Orbital Welding)
  • Subsea Structures
  • Onshore/Offshore Shallow water & Swamp Pipelines Construction
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Process and Instrumentation
  • Handling of construction materials
  • Permits and licenses
  • Quality assurance/Quality control (QA/QC)
  • Document Control
  • Logistics & Reporting

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