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In this article, we will review the essential features of the three most popular eLearning authoring tools: Adobe Captivate , Articulate , and iSpring Suite. Each of the compared tools is well suited for a particular type of scenario. It contains modules for different types of training, which allow you to focus on creating the learning content without mastering the interface or manual tweaking. It includes tools for creating any type of learning materials, from simple longreads to collaborative development of complex interactive courses.

This tool provides you with extensive control over the mobile experience and great capabilities for creating VR projects, interactive videos, and software simulations.

Some components of the toolkit are of use for eLearning beginners, while experts can create more complex things. Rating: 4. No training required to start! Among these, there are a huge collection of professional eLearning assets, a cloud sharing service, and, on top of that, a year of real-time priority support. The core editor, iSpring Suite, works as a PowerPoint add-in, which makes it very easy to use. The toolkit includes special modules for different types of training tasks.

You can make your learning content more visual with interactions. Thanks to all these, you can focus on content development and avoid manually configuring complex interactive elements. All the spadework has already been done for you.

To make the process of creating courses even faster, you can use the visuals from the Content Library. If you already have PPT presentations, you can turn them into e-courses in just a couple of clicks.

You can also quickly convert your Word and PDF documents into interactive e-books with a realistic pageflip effect. Once done, your courses will work smoothly on virtually all devices. Most instructional designers value iSpring Suite for its seamless integration with PowerPoint and ease of use. However, despite its ease of use, iSpring Suite allows users to create complex scenarios, if the situation so requires.

You can enjoy the full functionality of iSpring Suite with a day trial without spending a cent. I like the robust support for PowerPoint that iSpring Suite provides.

Every function of PowerPoint, like transitions and animations, is supported. Kevin R. Believe it or not, we use everything in the toolkit: quizzes, audio and video narrations, interactions, etc. Much of our content is created on the PowerPoint slides themselves, so we make good use of the animation and interaction elements available to us.

Rating: 3. Articulate is a bundle of nine tools, three of which are designed specially for course authoring: Studio , Storyline , and Rise. However, to do this, you need to go deep into working with layers and states of objects and spend a lot of time on learning, and then fine-tuning, setting up, and testing. Like iSpring Suite, Articulate has a full set of tools for adding different objects to the slides, as well as a Content Library, which is a collection of course templates, backgrounds, characters, controls, and icons.

It includes fewer professionally-designed assets, but gives access to 4. Articulate supports HTML5, which is the standard for mobile learning. Thanks to an adaptive player, courses created with this tool play beautifully on any device. Articulate is a robust tool that has huge content creating capabilities, but it takes a lot of time to explore all of them.

This multi-toolkit works great for large eLearning departments where there are all levels of developer, both beginner and expert, and all levels of course complexity are required. You can try Articulate free for 60 days. Adobe Captivate is a standalone eLearning authoring solution which is suited both for solving simple training tasks creating a presentation or a test and for developing complex interactive courses.

It has robust capabilities for creating Virtual Reality VR projects, and making interactive videos and studio-quality HD videos by simultaneously recording webcam and on-screen content. Certainly, it will require some skills and time. A wide range of interactions is another strong suit of the toolkit. You can make eLearning fun with drag-and-drops, puzzles, games, and other interactions.

Captivate license holders can find images, people cutouts, themes, scenarios, VR environments, interactions, and other assets for creating eLearning content, in Adobe Stock and its Content Library. One of the main focuses of this toolkit is creating mobile courses, with a feature that lets you customize output content for all types of devices and screen sizes.

Given that fact, there are some unique features whose purpose is to create a better mobile experience. For example, the tool supports geolocation, and has special variables that can be used in your mobile course.

For instance, in geography courses, you can show learners the symbol of the city where they live. Adobe Captivate is a powerful tool that uses new future-ready technologies.

It has great capabilities for delivering progressive learning experiences, but comes with a steep learning curve. Captivate is better suited for advanced eLearning instructional designers than for novice or intermediate-level specialists. Adobe Activate is also available by subscription. You can download and install a free day trial version of Adobe Captivate. Standalone eLearning authoring tools like Adobe Captivate and Articulate traditionally offer deeper capabilities for creating custom interactions through programming concepts like variables and system states.

In contrast to standalones, there are tools that integrate right into PowerPoint, and iSpring Suite is the finest example of them. The core functionality of PowerPoint is quite adequate for most use cases, and the software is familiar to most users. Whatever you prefer, make sure you enjoy the tool you are using.

If your authoring experience is causing you headaches and forces you to deal with technical issues instead of making cool learning content, perhaps trying another tool is a better option.

All the tools mentioned here offer free trials, so we invite you to dig in and discover the best tool for you! If you want to produce content without consulting tech-savvy specialists and spending time on training, start with an iSpring Suite day trial and explore all its features right now.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following eLearning experts for their help with this material:. Joe Ganci, President of eLearningJoe. Joe Ganci , an e-Learning consultant, the owner of eLearningJoe. Joe holds a degree in Computer Science and is a published author, having written several books, research papers and many articles.

Joe has been developing e-Learning content since He consults clients all over the globe and writes professional articles and e-Learning tool reviews. He is on a mission to improve the quality of e-Learning with practical approaches that work. Michael Sheyahshe , Technologist at alterNative Media. Michael Sheyahshe , an artist, author, developer, and technologist at alterNative Media.

Michael is an expert in serious games, 3D modeling, Flash, design, illustration, simulation, and instructional design. Michael has almost 2 decades of experience in the design and development of interactive media, tools, simulations, and games for federal, state, and corporate entities, utilizing various agile methodologies.

Create online courses and assessments in record time. Stay tuned to get our latest eLearning tips and tricks! All emails include an unsubscribe link, so that you can opt-out at any time. Products iSpring Suite. About Us. Language English. EN English.

Log in. Learning management system. Course selling platform. Search for:. Bundle of nine tools for deploying a large-scale authoring environment. Standalone eLearning authoring solution for creating complex interactive mobile-ready courses.

Has a built-in conversation simulation editor. The output works smoothly on any device. Allows you to create courses in a few clicks. Includes solutions for most eLearning tasks. Lets you create almost all kinds of fully-responsive eLearning content. Has a software simulation editor. Best suited for… — Those who are under a deadline; — Those who develop courses on their own; — Those who need to turn pre-existing PowerPoint presentations, Word, and PDF documents into e-courses. CNC Concepts, Inc.

Articulate Rating: 3. More capabilities for customization Suitable for mLearning Great support for interactions Collaboration function Articulate reviews.

Requires some training to start No native Mac version Storyline Comes only as a bundle. Adobe Captivate Rating: 3. Steep learning curve No built-in conversation simulations. To Sum Up Standalone eLearning authoring tools like Adobe Captivate and Articulate traditionally offer deeper capabilities for creating custom interactions through programming concepts like variables and system states.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following eLearning experts for their help with this material: Joe Ganci, President of eLearningJoe. Tags: iSpring Suite , eLearning Tools. Share the article:.


Adobe Captivate vs. Articulate Which is Best for Your L&D Efforts? – Responsive design

Hi Ronda, The discussions that Christie linked above are definitely a good place to start, but you may also want to connect with our Success team here. There’s review features and some bit of sharing with other team members, but something a little more live would be great. Adobe Captivate vs. From what I remember when working with animations in Craptivate 7, there are some zooming animations outside of the zoom feature that you could get a half decent zooming effect with.. It lets you focus on creating beautiful courses, not adapting those courses to countless device sizes. Adobe Captivate 7 : This is a big one that just about everyone should be aware of.


Articulate 360 vs adobe captivate 9 free download.Comparing the Storyline 360 Responsive Player with Adobe Captivate’s Responsive Solution


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Articulate 360 vs adobe captivate 9 free download


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