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Problems after windows 10 update free download

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Expand your skills. Get new features first. A subscription to make the most of your time. Try one month free. Was this information helpful? Yes No. The patch causes printer issues, too, which could have to do with the fact that it addresses a security vulnerability in the printer spooler. Quite often, Microsoft rolls out updates for various non-Microsoft drivers on your system, such as graphics drivers, networking drivers for your motherboard, and so on. As you can imagine, this can lead to extra update problems.

Microsoft automatically pushed this driver in early May, and users have been reporting BSOD crash errors as well as systems failing to boot.

According to the AMD subreddit , this problem particularly affects those with X motherboards. The solution is to roll back the update, but instead, try downloading and installing your AMD updates from the official AMD site. As a general rule, you should download drivers for chipsets, graphics cards, processors and so on from the manufacturer sites rather than leaving it to Windows. Windows updates are at it again. Head down to the fixes section to see how. However, many users have reported that these updates have caused problems rather than improvements.

The most prevalent problem with these updates is a failure to install them in the first place, with error messages that include:. For others, the updates do install but trigger boot failure, which is pretty alarming, as well as File Explorer stalling. Our advice here is to hold off on the update for now.

Note : This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly.

Therefore, make sure that you follow these steps carefully. For added protection, back up the registry before you modify it. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: I would suggest you to refer to the following article and follow the steps for the error code accordingly:.

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. My HP Pavilion with Windows 10 suddenly takes 6 to 7 minutes to start from off and open a spreadsheet. Did the latest update destroy my registry settings? Should I uninstall the battery drivers and reboot? Win 10 updated last night 16th April. This morning I knew something was up when I started my PC, the icons in the task bar took eternity to appear. My Edge browser has disappeared and the new version is not installed. Tried system restore, but that froze, force stopped the PC.

Preparing Automatic Repair started on reboot but that froze so I performed another hard shutdown. I was streaming last night, windows prompted me to schedule an update, I postponed it. My start menu no longer works… neither does the Cortana Search box.

I have tried a lot of things to fix it, including force restarting Cortana, Windows Explorer and other related components, re-indexing my entire windows instance, etc etc etc… Behaviour encountered:. Hourglass circle then back to cursor. Left-Clicking in Search box in taskbar does nothing.

I also tried to do the windows update yesterday and when midnight after the restart, my laptop toshiba is not booting anymore.. Had problems with my pc, had to have it cleared an Windows 10 re-installed. Jealous of the people who have found they have lost files….. Planning on going back to Linux at this rate. Not finding any so far. Suddenly for the last three days I have lost every file and document I create. I create document, use it, print it and then suddenly the status is error and it is now unreadable and the folders are empty.

Windows sucks and should be deleted from the face of the earth!!!! I have two computers running continuously. Maybe two weeks now today being April 1st, , perhaps two updates ago? The PC is so slow to do any task, like opening a program, deleting files, running tasks…I thought it might be my internet when the problem developed in the browsers.

But my internet speed is the same as always. Windows has turned my HP Pavilion into a ! It always seems to be searching, even overnight, it is still searching in the morning. I screen shoot pages and edit them and try to save them — again — wait, wait, wait, unresponsive and I Alt F4 and give up.

I have little hair on my head left. Thanks Microsoft — your updates always fail. I have been running my PC to dual boot, 1 up to date Windows 10 installation and 1 older one. Reason being that I got annoyed that after every update my network settings were messed with. So, I installed a version from before Microsoft broke it and disabled updates. Well last night it updated itself and just 10 minutes ago I went to my TV to stream a movie from my PC and 4 shared drives had vanished, just like before.

My network is wired in my house no one other than me has access. What the hell have they done and why??? Microsoft nor no one else know better than I do, regarding the functionality and safety of my own private PC and network. So so annoying. I have had my HP laptop in the shop twice and 3 times with remote assistance. My scrollbar on email and websites keeps reverting to black and very thin.

When new hard drive installed, everything reverted back and I tried to increase font as I simply cannot read it, I tried to fix mouse cursor to scroll less lines and cannot. These are 2 of the 1, problems. We need out computers! Jeez Louise what is wrong with microsoft. There are no other choices for a simple user like me. This is a question for anti-trust laws. Except screw with the little people. This is without the rats. The March Windows 10 updates has disabled the Background Scrolling feature.

Any ideas, maybe someone struggled the same? These March updates have my Lenovo IdeaPad5 freezing up on a random basis and several times a day. I have tries uninstalling updates and using restore points but nothing to date has worked.

Today, my saved Restore Points have all vanished. Like microscopic. Way less than 8pt. I know how to increase display font size, mouse pointer size, etc. But there is NO option to correct the dropdown menu issue. My USB mouse and keyboard are not longer working on my laptop after the Windows update last night.

Worked OK yesterday, but Windows 10 updated this morning. It does work using an external USB lead, all data intact. Please try if you can or if computers lets you to back up!!!!! There are many solutions for win 10 but some may not work due to mircosoft needs to resolve. If in doubt Youtube!!!!! Click to download a newer version of Windows 10 to stay supported. And my version of Windows came with my laptop.

My game app IWon is fine. Web sites also have text in white boxes. Uninstalled and installed the up date several times, same prob. I have run a dx on just about everything I can find including the graphics card…zero problems found. Same happened to me yesterday.

After several hours of looping and rebooting via USB failed I took it to a PC repair shop and raised a support ticket with Microsoft to claim compensation. Anyone else experience this with the latest update? After rebooting all desktop files and icons as well as taskbar icons were gone. As if with a new installation of windows. It is as if a side account was created on my pc. No files whatsoever in my documents, download. Upon rebooting and signing in again with my pin it still was the same.

Then I decided to sign in using my password and low and behold…back to normal. Going to restart again and see if the pin brings me back to my original desktop. Mouse cursor is visible on a blank, dark blue screen. Any suggesteions would be appreciated.

Hi, I update my windows pavilion just like 3 days ago and it has been hanging since. My boss and I both, after the March 12 updates were installed, are unable to use Google chrome When you click on it, nothing happens, and eventually you get a message about being unresponsive. This forces me to use Edge or Firefox.

I refuse to use IE. I sort of wonder whether this was intentional! I installed the latest Windows 10 update two days ago, a total disaster, at first it kept telling me I was done doing the update, then there were mysteriously more updates the following day. Also deleted the admittedly crap Microsoft Flight Simulator , which I gave up using four months ago due to how horrible it is, a whole other story.

I cannot stand Microsoft, and Windows 10 never worked very well, in my opinion. But these updates are even worse. It even deleted my desktop wallpaper and such. No idea what is going on. I hate being beholden to some megacorp. An evil monopoly is just that. You pay for the license to run it on your rig. You own your physical rig. The only way to make page active again is to click on another page then go back.

Seriously weird andannoying. I just turned on my laptop for the first time in a few days. It had 3 updates needed so I hit the install. How do I fix this? Hey guys and gals. Maybe we should all file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft. Since the start of February all updates other then Net Framework and Windows Defender cause Edge to crash Firefox works not only does it crash but its frozen in the 8 seconds it stays open with the Restore Last Page tab open.

Windows Update crashes also but Programs and Features works and I can remove the update then hide it with wushowhide. These 4 I know for sure cause these problems: Windows I have not had any of the freeze while updating problems.

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional x64 Build Same with my desktop. Suddenly would freeze and unable to do anything. Hopefully it would restore back to normal. Managed to repeat update install after rebooting, using Update Settings. Friday 12th March Still freezing at random intervals though less frequent than yesterday.

I have to cold reboot to clear the Hang. Windows update overnight now hoverover text not working — a blank speach bubble appears but no text, have to click through to site to read. Irritating and time consuming. Everything is wonky!! How can I fix this??? It shut down and will not work. Not even a factory reset would restore it.

With my headphones listening to something, it randomnly cuts off and im needing to restart constantly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Mouse cursor slowed to the point of being unusable. Keyboard also decided to stop working. Uninstalled both updates and fixed the problem. Second one. It is off line again. Plus all kinds of messages cannot find folder, cannot delete, cannot cannot cannot.

It is ridiculous. Then when I want to uninstall a program using the Control patter I got a cannot message there too so had to do a manual delete. I think you owe me a laptop and a printer. Switched on pc today So going to create a boot drive and reimage the pc.

What a nightmare. Win 10 is a joke! I swear they do do this to make money, so people call in to pay Microsoft to pay crap they broke.

Worked great for a couple months and my computer worked flawlessly!! Latest Windows 10 caused my pc black screen and no normal start at all. Cannot get into login screen at all.. Windows disappear when move mouse towards them — always been too sensitive but now renders performance almost useless for multitasking. Their latest update crashed my pc. I had to remove power and restart, then windows removed the update. Today, everything attached to my taskbar is acting wonky.

I have no clock. The date has randomly disappeared either partially or fully. At that point it will stop displaying the names of the apps and instead show snippets of whatever text lays on the screen below the slide-up window! Thus far these are merely minor annoyances, and I can live without all of that functionality; but it makes one wonder what lays beneath the obvious flaws?

And that company continues to grow, despite the fact that THIS is the stuff they churn out? I have two laptops with Windows I have had cursor problems with both of them especially playing Windows Store Solitaire and Classic Word…the cursor locks up often.

Could this be causing the lock up in downloaded games from Microsoft store? What else could be causing the cursor to lock or be erratic during playing these two games? I had a big update yesterday 4th Feb, and another one a day later. The 2nd one has killed my internet on my pc. Can still access internet on my TV. I spoke to my ISP, and they ran me through a few things, something about the ip.

Accessing the modem on the computer works intermittently, but results are the same.. Acer laptop will not reboot following latest patch.

I usually uninstall the faulty update and wait until bugs have been ironed out before allowing it to install again. Additionally the email address I used when it was set up is no longer operative. Windows Explorer has been crashing for me and causing programs to fail to load or shut down, check in task mgr and see if it as running or crashed, if so restart windows explorer. My laptop was able to boot but I can not launch anything windows related.

I cant launch file explorer or even windows start menu so I cant access the logout or restart button or get into settings. Later i found out that a new update has arrived and as usual the system hangs.

Most recent update affects my screen. Once it goes to sleep you cannot wake it up and have to power reset to regain access. Same here but all you can really do is wait for microsoft to fix this, you can try to remove graphical driver but you will need to use DDU in safe mode and for me now its just turns off but press win key and p gets it back.

Was totally locked out of my computer until I got around it by restoring to before the update. The problem is it covers a part of any active window which is not nice.

My PC went from humming to close to a snail instantly. Programs take ages to open, simple webpages freeze. Its a nightmare. I have never had knock on wood.. This runs the various computers I have had too. Nothing, nodda, zero problems.

This appears to be to tech savvy users only. I know quite a lot of people with Windows 10 and they can barely turn a computer on or know enough to make it work for what they want. I have never heard any of them complain about any update either. So this leads me to believe that the complainers want everything perfect and I have news for you nothing is ever perfect. I have been lucky enough not to have any problems. They want all the bells and whistles and a perfect computer.

There have been many times that I installed a software that messed up my computer. He proceeded to tell me about this one computer and the trouble it was having. I asked him if he ran the usual software that might help in locating the problem.

The problem I had was it was a pirated copy he had. If anyone he did computer work for got caught with an illegal operating system, WOW. Like I said I know a bit about computers but nobody I know has had a problem where they needed help.

In actuality people ask me more about cell phones which I look at but do NOT have one myself. Windows havent been able to install almost single update since I 1st purchased their own brand Windows surface machine.. They are required for me to let them to take over the reigns of the operating system updates… and yet they cant even do the job.

Everything I try to do in the horrible microsoft abortion called windows 10 gives me fits. Does anybody have a fix that actually works???? Microsoft changed my icons to have little clouds in the left hand corner breaking ALL the links to my icons. Gee thanks Windows—I want my icons back!!!! Caused me to lose file. Seriously—if windows is going to force an update—then it needs to be flawless in determining if the computer is working already!

So frustrating. My pc is so slow to boot up and then freezes up between applications and I get the windows not responding and the rotating blue circle forever it seems. If updates are this problematical, give us the option to not install it. I tried to boot windows from a usb key boot loader, but no luck. Any ideas what to do to get my computer working again? My lenovo is literally jumpy! OMG I try to click on anything and it opens up a different window!

My PC has almost completely frozen. Everything keeps freezing up over the past few weeks! Nothing helps. Since the Sunday November 15th update my HP laptop is useless. All of my settings are gone.

I thought my files were, too. I really panicked and had to look hard for them. They have been relocated. I personalize my screen and the next day it has reverted to a classic Windows screen. I can no longer print from the laptop to my printer. I am VERY upset!!!. This update is a disaster. It needs to be undone. Windows 10 is not fit to be called an Operating System for business laptop or PC use. Microsoft had no common sense, they should have ironed out the minor bugs with Win7.

If everyone reverted back to Win7 if they cannot handle Linux! I actually now have time to use them as productive devices, instead of having to fix Win10 issues all the time. All you need is a good antivirus installed and block the small amount of CEIP it may run. Now I am Cortana free, MS spyware free, problem free….

I will indicate what line 10 should say with symbols. Somehow this editor keeps deleting from my line Windows 10 updated last night switched on tonight after 20 minutes of a circle going round I got to the login screen only to followed by a black screen and I cant get past it! I have switched it off forced and restarted still the same so switched it off and walked away.

I am SO glad I use a dual boot with Linux and only use w10 when I need to becase it is just absolute rubbish! Never seen that happen before. Any ideas on what caused that? I have windows 10 version , 1 year 6 months no problem. Would it be wise to actually un-plug my desktop to discharge the capacitors.

After the latest up-date, it will not recognize my 2nd monitor which worked like a champ until the update of Oct 7 or so. It always tells me I have the latest driver. Microsoft really screwed us all over this time.

What the hell did they do last night? Slower than ME. I would love 7 right now. I am done with windows. After August windows 10 update which totally crashed my computer, I am going with Apple now. More money, but less aggravation. Windows 10 is worse than Vista. My Toshiba Laptop running Windows 8. I had no restore points to remove the update. My desktop with Windows 10 was not affected following the last update.

I cleared all caches, deleted many of my emails Outlook repeated froze the laptop and had to power off to restart. No improvement. I expect Microsoft might be deliberateiy sabotaging operating systems to sell more products. Yesterday, twice in a row which has never happened. Anyone else with this problem? Microsoft could give us all a free version of windows 8.



Problems after windows 10 update free download

If you don’t see Bluetooth, select Expand. If so, you’ll be able to repair them there. And it is easy to operate. On this page, double check that the keyboard is also correct, and if it is wrong then choose the correct one – but also make sure you get rid of the wrong one.


window 10 update problem replace.mead restarts after % – Microsoft Community.7 Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Won’t Update. #6 Is Fantastic


Sometimes due to updates getting stuck in between due to a network or similar issue, your crucial Windows files might end up corrupted or damaged. This can make your system act unpredictably. You can repair the damage through the System File Checker; a free tool developed by Microsoft that comes in handy for corruption issues such as this one.

It works by scanning and repairing the Windows System files. To run the System File Checker, you have to use the command prompt. Follow the steps listed below:. After the scan is complete, reboot your system. If there are indeed any corruption problems, they will be resolved after following this method.

This is another Windows diagnostic tool created by Microsft, but a more powerful one than SFC, that works by repairing the Windows system image files. To run this command, open the command prompt with the administrator privileges, as above.

Note that this process may take a while. Restart your computer after the command gets executed; run the SFC command again to repair the errors. Another popular method to resolve a slow Windows 10 after an update is to disable all the unnecessary background apps. As you know, Windows 10 comes with many pre-installed apps apart from the ones that you download.

These apps can keep running in the backgroundeven when you are not using them. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Every time different error code before this the failed update give following error message. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Report abuse.

Details required :. Cancel Submit. Some games might fail to open, or you might receive an error You might have issues with some Direct3D games when using in-game overlay feature of Discord. Certain printers unable to print. Originating update. Back to top. News and interests button on the Windows taskbar might have blurry text. Apps might have issues accessing event logs on remote devices. You might receive an error when attempting to connect, for example: error 5: access is denied error The requested operation is not supported.

GetEventLogCommand Windows has not provided an error code. Workaround: To mitigate this issue, you can try one or more of the following: Streaming the video or audio in a web browser or different app, instead of the app affected by this issue. Enable Spatial sound settings by right clicking or long pressing on the volume icon in the notification area , selecting Spatial sound Off and selecting any of the available options.

Security updates released May 11, might not offer in managed environments. Lower than expected performance in games. Use the following steps to extract the using SSU: Extract the cab from the msu via this command line using the package for KB as an example : expand Windows Slipstream this file into your offline image first, then the LCU. Unexpected results when printing from some apps or to some printers.

Table lines might be missing. Other alignment or formatting issues might also be present. Printing from some apps or to some printers might result in a blank page or label.

Error when attempting to print to certain printers. Type printmanagement. If Print Management opens, continue to step 4. If you receive the error, Windows can not find ‘printmanagement. Select Add a Feature and type print , select the check box next to Print Management Console and select install. You will now need to start at step 1 again. Expand Print Servers , expand your computer’s name, and select Printers. You can now see the Driver Type for each of your installed printer drivers.

The Command Prompt commands from the video are as follows you will need to replace KX driver for Universal printing with the name of your printer, as explained in the video : rundll32 printui. Memory or disk space error when opening documents in Microsoft Office apps. I searched online for solutions and followed start-up repair, command, reset back to previous point but none of them worked.

Now I am going to bring it to professional tech guys to repair. I am scare of any update from Microsoft in a fear of causing me expenses for repair. I have been trying to fix it for over 12 hours and my frustration is equivalent to 10 mega ton nuke and I want to eliminate Microsoft from the face of the earth. You can imagine how angry I am.

This is the second time having problems caused by Windows 10 updates. Microsoft should stop Windows 10 and give Winfows 8 free download. Hello everyone Got update however i did turn off automatic updates took whole day to install, but after that everything works almost fine. Installed new Nvidia drivers and solved but there is a problem with darker display after every time i turn on the PC. After log in I always have to go to Nvidia driver settings and set monitor colour and brightness setting to Nvidia.

It is getting irritating. I tried to reset the update but after that half of the programs didnt work properly so it forced me to stay on the new update.

Anyone have any solution or have similar problem. It is on PC not laptop. My computer has essentially frozen this evening Feb 13 with a constantly running hard drive and excessively slow processing. No warning screen announcing the update, just awful performance. I launched task manager…but it too was horribly slow, but I was finally able to click restart…then the warning came up that windows was updating and warned not to shut down. Tried everything — finally had to take it to a repair place and she had it several days — only solution was to wipe the hard drive and totally reinstall.

SO frustrating! Trying to troubleshoot it from work PC now. Any suggestions??? Window 10 is a fraud, everytime it does a upgrade which I have no control of on my Lenovo laptop it cannot be restarted, I have to uninstall everything, reinstall the operating system and reinstall programs and data, I am sick of this crap Microsoft, as you know this is going on, and have known since your windows 8 stuff up.

Instead, clicking on anything takes me back to my mail. Same goes for not being able to view all of the text in an email thread. Clicking to view the full text of a message — either one that I wrote, or another person in the thread sent, just takes me back to the main page of my email.

Multiple issues that all trace back to the system being so clogged that it takes minutes for any program to launch and they freeze after a couple of minutes. Then wait another 2 or 3 minutes after clicking on settings to launch that menu. I have had 3 issues in the hours after this update. This is unusual. It seemed like a major update taking over an hour on my SSD drive high speed 1st gen.

I did my latest updates for my hp pavilion desktop pc p0xx and the update has caused the entire graphics system to display black as green and white and a bright light pink, all of the other colours are messed up as well.

This effects everything from photos to video. I was able to fix it once by restoring an older version of Windows I did the updates again and now I am back to the dam problem except there dose not seem to be any older versions of Windows 10 that I can revert to now. I need this fixed any help would be greatly appreciated. The function keys on my HP envy laptop do not work like volume screen brightness etc — worked yesterday before update now nothing have to do it with software on screen.

Icons have become blank that represent file types. At first my alpha keys were acting as hotkeys — rebooted ad that issue went away — very frustrating. I was on it last night, no troubles at all last month. I go to turn it on today and the fans turn on for 1 second then turn right back off.

I have a Ryzen 5 x watercooled with 16 gb ddr 4 and MSI gtx Facebook is still having problems today. Trying to access groups.. And if I try to post on my own Facebook page I can not..

I can not access messenger now.. I came across where Window 10 may be a problems. Did anyone else have this problem? After update ran, on reboot I get a bluescreen asking for keyboard layout. All choices lead back to the same keyboard menu.

Windows 10 latest update has been trying to automatically load itself without success for several days. The one that started last night continued its trek today but only succeeded in wiping my files, photos, installed programs, etc completely from my computer.

Links have nothing to link to and even the windows button does not respond. This last Microsoft debacle tops all I have seen. What happened? I went from a perfect, happy computer pre-update to a demon-possessed POS post update.

My update hit this afternoon. Some games have their graphics hosed and the windows button in the lower left is unusable. I have to exit windows through the Task Manager. It disabled my system restore and wiped my restore points. What in the h3ll could Microsoft have done to screw this up so bad.

Did they release an update or a virus!? I did find a 23Gb section that reads, previous installation. How to I activate this. On boot, lost my second monitor. This morning….

Clicked on forgot password and then the screen went black. Never have seen this on the startup screen. I read online to press shift and the restart button on the computer so I am in the computer without password for now but not sure about next time. Very frustrating. All I get now is a black screen. Ctl-Alt-Del will give me a menu which includes task manager, but selecting that returns me to a black screen.

Website links that I want to email to others no longer works when I click File — Send — Link by email. Also, when I shut down the computer, SnagIt always shows that it is not closed where before the update I never had to go into SnagIt to close it beforehand.

I also noticed that right before I would shut down windows, it was fully charged. The computer is only about a year old and again, I did not have this problem prior to this last update. HATE the latest Skype update from a few days ago! I have a skype phone number and I love that I can talk with my friend on skype and call in another by phone to the call…. Not any more! Not a simple click to call, I have to create a group, you make me look for the member and if I am LUCKY I might actually get to click on the right entity to add to the call.

Any call I have made, it comes up as missed. Today, my cell phone would ring with an incoming skype call and my desktop would not even react. Have to answer, hang up and call back on my desktop. What the hell is going on? Failed on reboot. System appears to freeze at a black screen. Recovered to previous restore point and tried again with same result.

My mouse has bugged out since the update. It has to be in constant motion or it freezes and needs to be clicked to function again. I have continuing problems with programs freezing intermittently or keyboard inputs freezing as well, all programs affected but IE more than edge for instance. My PC is a recent HP tower. No disk space or Ram issues. I have done all except reinstall Windows Problems started in October or November I think.

Any ideas? No outlook, it says its not compatible, no internet explorer, the programme does not seem to exist. Both worked before the December update. Even though the Webcam is built into the computer, I cant find it in the device manager or any of the hardware, and the webcam app redirects me to a troubleshooter page. We hope that the next round of updates can fix this, but until then, we need to buy a replacement. As a technology consulting business we have clients in several states.

Currently we are dealing with DEAD computers, broken network shares, terminated drive mappings, lost printers, Office activation issues, virtual machines down. All occurring immediately following an update, with the worst issues after a cumulative update IE: Fall Creators update.

Another client is giving new employees the option of Windows or IOS. Two out of three recent hires chose Mac. In my conversations with Microsoft I am basically told — we know, we are working on it, we apologize.

If we want more information, Google. What a mess. Issues are multiple, we have modified to the metered settings which is preventing more updates for 2 out of 3, the 3rd laptop is still getting updates this week, 2 of them which instead of helping is undoing all the fixes we had already done for various apps and functions.

Problems with email, as in NO emails at all, extremely slow and freeze to no function at all, even closing is not possible. Internet browsing is a nightmare. Totally unbelievable screwy Windows updates, which shows they have no idea what they are doing and how to go back to a working OS.

Microsoft is finally venturing in areas they dont know how to handle, we are hostages to their incompetence and arrogance, forcing us to deal with their crappy software. Reaction, millions of customers are looking for an alternative, what choice do we have here???? When i restarted my laptop t finish installing the update it seemed like i had just factory reset my laptop,the taskbar was completely empty and the theme colour had changed.

But some of my apps are still here but i cant find any of my files. I had the same problem. At least GMod is fine…. I installed a custom menu that points a specific folder in the toolbar. But yesterday evening Dec 21th Microsoft pushed an other W10 update and now the custom menu disappear each time I reboot my computer.

So I need to reinstall it each time I reboot it look W10 is clearing the toolbar at each startup. I use this custom menu every day, and the fact it is not working properly is highly annoying!

Can we figure MS will fix this? It has removed all of my installed programs and Chrome without warning, how are they allowed to get away with this? I wont be buying any more MS products in a hurry. After the update StarCraft 2 crashes on launch. The problem was solved after we manually uninstalled all the update on that day and all has gone normal. It shuts down. An updated was installed in my computer today and I started having the issues with games, then a few hours later when started the PC again right the same problems you were having… Now is even worse, somehow the boot sector is gone and cannot even get to the login screen… I am creating an USB installer to try to recover everything and then turning off updates forever!

Yes, I trying to use my recovery disk but not having much luck. Right now the computer is useless. Microsoft needs to fix this and now! One thing I found out too late unfortunately is that you can disable their updates somehow.

Class action law suits against all the spyware for Israhell too. When do we start a class action law suit against this malarkey? This here doctor has had enough. We LOST everything!!! Since installing the update on it has caused my Steam games to have graphics glitches and crash.

I have to select the print method every time I print. My office use center printer so I have to print to my user on the printer then walk to the printer and order the print out. Now it set to normal print which will print immediately and it will caused the problem with the other people who is printing at that time.

Later windows versions might look slightly different than the pictures here i. Windows has been shutting down on us without warning on multiple computers and laptops.

It gives a text and blue screen that says there is an error. Also, since the Windows update, my laptop slowed down 10 or even times.

I fricken hate Windows. Every day we get another Windows update request with the necessity to restart the computer. Ughh… Fix it, Bill! Or you will lose us as a customer. All the dozens of hours we wasted that we could have been doing something useful…. New update is completely messing up my PC. Since the update was forced, my PC now will not switch on properly, also having issues with my USB ports which is stopping me from properly accessing my internet. Considering this WAS a brilliant gaming PC which was custom built, pretty pissed with its quality being hugely lowered due to a bloody Windows update.

Took an age to complete the install…. The december All programs were licenced and legal. It was my work computer. Eventually had to try restart which worked via a system restore to previous version.

Update this week deleted all pictures and documents on my hard drive. It also deleted Chrome and all bookmarks. It will not let me restore my previous Windows 10 prior to update. The top, bottom, sides are all off the screen. Tried all fixes for resolution, display drivers etc, and nothing has worked. It was fine until this latest update. I am in the same boat. Acer widescreen, and if I change the settings on the screen itself to wide, then everything is stretched and looks horrible.

The updater consumes massive amounts of resources of my Dell Laptop making it virtually unusable.. With the upgrades to Windows 10 2 days ago… it fixed a few things my Apps were inoperable on my PC , but now I have an annoying problem… when I hover my mouse over any of the icons pinned to my task bar…. I have to fiddle around a bit moving my cursor back over the icon before I get it to disappear. This happens all the time now. Very annoying. Hi Gary, I had the same problem recently with Windows 10 pro update.

Something to do with the way MS have rolled out permission changes. I spent 3 days online with MS Support. The system exhibited systems that caused an error when an app was selected. Finally MS Support created a new profile so my folders and files were left intact and this worked but I was left to configure all those little things that MS overlook.

Still, it caused 3 days downtime and a second profile which takes up valuable disc space. Windows 10 updated this morning — afterward it was locked up, so I rebooted. Since that I cannot use the computer — after I sign in at the login screen, it tries to bring up the desktop, I see it for a second, and then it reboots the desktop not the computer, just the desktop. This happens over and over without end. It jumps across the screen. I play online games and I can hardly play them now.

Same problem as most people. Latest Windows 10 update has major issues. Programs or apps open and close instantly. Windows crashes. Getting really tired of MS. I want better options without being told I must buy a Mac. It lasted most of an hour. When finished, my PC was slower and my outlook was inoperable. Thanks Microsoft. Me too. Will try to reload the Outlook install disk. I am trying to go back now — I got into the restore function by going to the login screen. At the bottom right is a shutdown button.

Click that. I have a Windows 7 system that has the same issue. I used the same alpha-numeric code as on the PC when the software reinstalled and still unable to activate, A royal mess!

What a royal mess! Mistakenly thought this was a quick update but it was anything but. After the PC rebooted, the following issues: 1 ALL files in the pictures and download directory disappeared. This includes software I bought for some programs; 2 Task bar is useless, 3 Start button is useless click on it and nothing happens , 4 As a result of 3, unable to access any settings and can only access programs via Explorer, 5 All but a few desktop icons have disappeared, 6 Unable to open a Word document attachment.

The system is crippled. Extremely frustrating and disappointing. The least MS could have done is to provide a warning as to what could potentially happen and give users the option of declining the update.

How does MS get away with stuff like this is beyond me. After the update all the folders and files from desktop were gone, the taskbar is empty, all gmail settings are gone bookmarks, passwords etc.

Eclipse settings are changed and plugins deleted TestNG. Also iTunes no longer works correctly,you can no longer access your Library of music. Why does my computer keep saying Activate Windows on bottom left of screen even though i have been using pro for year and a half?

Every time I start my computer I do not have an internet connection. I have to go and uninstall the network connection adapter. I updated the latest driver, but that does not help. On the computer, whether on FB or my online jigsaws or even mail—it shuts down and starts up again.

This has been happening since the latest updates were installed. I thought I might need a new computer but now see many have this same problem. I just recently allowed the latest windows 10 update to install in my computer, and it broke my internet. I am now unable to acces any function of the internet, including doing very simple things like doing a search of my pc for a file in file explorer.

Despite all this, my internet access tells me i am connected and secured. I have also tried using google chrome with similar results. From what i can tell, my computer now believes it is unsafe to connect with any web browser, search engine, website, etc. Or something like that. This is very frusturating and i have no idea what to do. Is there anything i can do? Please, if anyone knows anything, i would greately appreciate the help.

Skype freezes…then blue screen…then windows auto reboots pc. Skype version Impossible to ge through to Skype support. I finally got through to 2 different Windows 10 support agents who each gave me 2 different phone s for Skype support. One took me right back to windows support and the other does not work. Windows 10 update has made my computer extremely slow.

Is there any kind of fix for it? Looks like Microsoft did this horrible update on purpose, and then they will extort money from everyone to get a better operating system. Same for me. Excruciatingly slow and unresponsive. Have uninstalled and reinstalled it, unplugged and replugged it — getting quite annoying. Same thing here.

I actually took the batteries out of the mouse for 30 minutes and it helped. So annoying. Since the November update, my computer will not wake up from sleep or hibernation. I have to press the on and off button several times to get the repair screen to go to Windows.

I am not seeing anyone else having this problem. Windows will only load first time I click it on for the day. Same issue here. Please just chat Microsoft and have them login to your computer. I just chatted them, they logged in and fixed my issues at 7 am Sunday morning.

I have finals to study for that are on Tuesday, so just lost hours of time due to updates hijacking my computer and then I could not get it to turn and or boot up. Had a little pixelated square in the middle of the screen that would not go away, search bar did not work but they fixed it. I have had them login for free many times to fix my computer and it works. Since the last update my screen is more bright than ever, my eyes hurt and there is no way to lower it.

I tried every method posible, I verified the drivers, I run troubleshoot power, and, amazing! Plugged in, on battery, with the battery saver on, nothing will make any difference.

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