December 15, 2022

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# ( – Windows 10 Pro Host bit only supports bit OS.) – Oracle VM VirtualBox

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– Windows 10 Pro Host bit only supports bit OS. Log” in the main VirtualBox Manager window) straight away to save time for you and for us. What causes VirtualBox not to show 64 bit Guest Operating Systems in Windows 10? · Prerequisite: Making sure you have x64 CPU · Solution 1. VirtualBox is free virtualization software that allows us home of software and use it regularly to see how destructible Windows 10 is.


Oracle VM VirtualBox


Opened 4 years ago. Last modified 4 years ago. Need bit OS as in past. The log file contains a lot of useful information about both the host and the guest systems as well as information about what happened during a particular machine run.

Please do not cut and paste it. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. Login Preferences. Browse Source. Loading a bit OS is simple, but running x64 takes a little more work. VirtualBox should now set up your guest as directed. It could take a few seconds or a few minutes depending on your computer and required settings.

All other defaults should be acceptable, but feel free to explore and configure as you see fit. Luckily, VirtualBox has a very comprehensive user manual. A new window will appear asking you to select a start disk.

Your operating system of choice will perform the usual installation process and will eventually load into its desktop. Depending on your computer, this could take longer than it usually would as your computer is not only running the host and VirtualBox itself, it is also running a virtualized installer.

Once loaded into your new bit guest, you can install apps, programs, and whatever you want to make it work how you want. When you have it running perfectly, navigate to the Machine menu at the top of the virtualization screen and click Take Snapshot. This takes an image of your guest so you can quickly restore a working version should you need to. VirtualBox is a great way to explore new operating systems without committing to one or reconfiguring a perfectly good computer.

I think it is an excellent piece of software and use it regularly to see how destructible Windows 10 is.


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